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Protected against legal risks, privacy compliant and always up-to-date with the latest regulatory developments.

Up and running in minutes so you can focus on your business.

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How does it work?

LegalSite provides you a beautifully designed mini-site to handle all your legal and privacy related procedures. Link to it from your website and you’re protected and compliant.

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Legal Pages

Set up your Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and other legal pages with our custom templates.

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Privacy Compliance

A complete toolkit to make your organization compliant with privacy regulations, including GDPR and CCPA.

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Privacy Operations

Integrated into your LegalSite is a ticketing system to help you process legal and privacy related requests.

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Your legal pages done with just a few clicks

Do I need legal pages? The short answer: yes. Even operating a single page website requires legal terms and privacy policies to be applied.

Today you are taking legal and financial risk if you do not put these in place. But don’t worry, we do all the heavy lifting for you.


Privacy compliance made easy

LegalSite provides a complete toolkit to help you become compliant with privacy regulations quickly, including the GDPR and CCPA.

After setting up your compliance you will also have all the tools you need to process data requests at scale efficiently.

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Scalable Privacy Operations

Centralize all incoming requests from your users such as data access and data erasure requests and see important deadlines.

Send requests to your data processors automatically. Select them from our Data Processors library.


Transparency creates happy users!

And your business customers require full compliance and now it's easy.
Protected. Compliant. Always up-to-date.

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We provide an extensive library of integrations with popular tools, so you can easily sync your data with LegalSite.

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Why LegalSite?

The legal system and privacy regulations are complex. Publishing even a simple site, requires you to put in place legal documents and procedures to be in compliance. You need to protect yourself and your business against legal and financial risks today!

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Get started with Privacy Compliance

Access our guide and discover everything your company needs to become compliant.

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It’s easy to get started. Try it for free!

The free edition allows you to launch your LegalSite and includes all you need for full privacy compliance up to 1,000 people!