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LegalSite provides you with an integrated toolkit to make your organisation compliant with current privacy regulations including GDPR and CCPA.

Complete toolkit to make your company compliant

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What are the privacy compliance requirements for my company?

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Do I need a Privacy Impact Assessment?

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What should I do in case of a Data Breach?

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Do I need to appoint a Data Protection Officer?

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How do I manage all my Data Processing Agreements with suppliers?

LegalSite provides you the complete toolkit to help you become compliant with privacy regulations quickly, including with the GDPR and CCPA.

After reaching compliance you will also have all the tools you need to process privacy requests at scale efficiently.

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What are privacy regulations?

Laws like GDPR and CCPA are regulations to strengthen data and privacy protection for all individuals. This means that if you have a website that processes any data related to people, you need to follow laws and procedures to become compliant, to avoid fines.

Besides the GDPR and CCPA, most regions around the globe are putting in place privacy laws which businesses are expected to comply with.

Privacy management should be part of your organization today.

What are the risks if I don't comply?

The regulations have multiple penalties against those who violate privacy and security standards, with fines reaching into hundreds of millions.

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Financial penalties

Art. 83 of GDPR addresses that non-compliance with the requirements can carry fines up to EUR 20 million, or in the case of a corporation, up to 4% of annual worldwide turnover, whichever is higher.

Compensation for damages

Any user who has suffered damage has the right to receive compensation from the controller or processor who has not complied with the obligations.

A third-party can also take legal action against you, terminate service or permanently ban your company.

Disciplinary measures

A number of corrective measures can be taken such as warnings, reprimands, imposing temporary or permanent bans on the processing of data, demanding the rectification and/or deletion of data, and suspending the transfer of data for a period of time.

Damaged reputation

How you handle your user’s data can become a competitive advantage or break your reputation forever.

In the long term, this can be the biggest problem to recover from.

Privacy compliance made easy

LegalSite provides a powerful toolkit to help you become compliant with current privacy regulations (incl. GDPR) quickly and allows you to handle related privacy operations easily at scale.

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Data Processing Agreements (DPA)

Keep track of all your data processing agreements with your suppliers. We also provide a template so you can automatically send it to your clients using LegalSite, including getting it signed online.

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Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

You are legally required to go through the procedure of assessing your privacy risks. With a simple step by step form, we help you streamline this process and keep records of your assessments.

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Breach Incident Management

You need to have measures and procedures for data breach incidents that happen inside your organization or with a third-party supplier you use. We guide you through this process so it can be done quick and easy.

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A centralized overview of all your legal and privacy related operations and their related timelines. Make sure you avoid fines!

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Integrate Easily

LegalSite works with many existing platforms and tools. This makes it easy to monitor compliance accross all systems.

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You need to track if and when your users have provided you with consent. We provide you with detailed consent logs and complete reports.

How does it work?

Cookie Pop-ups

Customize and publish cookies pop-ups to gather consent on legal pages. You need to track and demonstrate if and when your users have provided you with their consent.

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Setup Privacy Impact Assessment

You are legally required to go through the procedure of assessing privacy risks inside your company. With a simple step by step process, we help you streamline this process and keep records of your assessments.

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Appoint a Data Protection Officer

Your company is required to appoint a Data Protection Officer that will be responsible to ensure your company’s compliance with data protection laws requirements.

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Manage Data Processing Agreements

Manage the DPA’s you receive from and need to send to Data Processors. The DPA process is integrated in your LegalSite.

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Employee Privacy Compliance Training Kit

Get your team ready

Download our guide and get ready to learn everything about privacy regulations.

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