Privacy Operations

LegalSite provides you with an integrated platform to handle processing of all your privacy requests at scale, all nicely within their response deadlines.

Privacy data is everywhere. Take control!

You process privacy information in almost any system in your company. For your own business or for your clients as a data processor. You are responsible for providing access to this data when requested. You also need to be able to remove it from all your systems and you data processors when requested. Regulations also include strict deadlines that apply to each request and the communication around it.

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An average company has around 25 data processors. That means every request you receive turns into a huge to do list to get the request handled in at least 25 systems.

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A scalable solution

Centralise and take control of all incoming requests from your users and see important deadlines. Tasks are automatically generated and sent for processing to your data processors.
Safe your team thousands of hours of work and avoid getting fined for delays.

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A complete toolbox to solve
privacy requests

LegalSite provides an integrated platform to handle your privacy data operations. We integrate with many data processors. That means you can use LegalSite to automatically process your requests.

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Break down complex requests into simple tasks

Solving requests is easy with our step-by-step approach. First, upload the data from your company’s internal systems, then send automated requests so your data processors can upload the information from their systems as well. With just one e-mail, your user will have his request solved.

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We provide an extensive library of integrations with popular tools so you can easily sync your data with LegalSite.

We also integrate with many data processors directly. That means you can use your LegalSite to automatically process any requests that they need to be involve with.

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Stay updated with status

Use your LegalSite Inbox to control the data flows between your data processors and your user. When all data is provided you can send it to the requester with a single click.

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How does it work?

Receive request

You’ll receive all requests, see metrics, deadlines and status in your Inbox. Data Subjects can send you requests through your LegalSite and Data Controllers can send you requests through the app.

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Internal task

The first step to solve a data request is to upload the data file from your company’s internal systems.

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External Task

You need to gather data files from all your Data Processors as well. It’s a simple process with LegalSite. Just send a request through the app and have files automatically uploaded.

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Done! Send files

Now that you have all data files you can just send them to your Data Subject. He will receive an e-mail with a link to your LegalSite page where he can download the files.

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Complexity turned into easy

Easy and fast

Our intuitive web app makes it easy to customize, publish all your legal pages, make changes and become privacy compliant without the pain.

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Always up-to-date

Global laws and jurisprudence change on a daily basis. That’s why our templates are continuously reviewed and updated by experts in order to provide you with the best possible defaults for your legal documents and compliance procedures.

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All in one solution

We take user friendly process serious. LegalSite includes all procedures, logs and transactional messaging required. This saves you thousands of hours a year.

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No coding needed

Since all websites are subject to privacy regulations, it’s important that the tools are low barrier. No coding is required to have a fully functioning GDPR ready privacy organization.

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Startup Launch legal Checklist

Ready to launch a Startup? Make sure you are compliant with privacy laws by clicking and accessing our checklist.

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The free edition allows you to launch your LegalSite and includes all you need for full privacy compliance up to 1,000 people!