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LegalSite provides you with a mini-site with the legal page templates you need to shield yourself from the legal risks and liabilities that come with running a business or website.

Legal pages are complex and take a lot of time!

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Legal liabilities come with owning any website or business

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Lawsuits can appear almost out of nowhere and destroy unprotected businesses

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Custom legal work is an expensive lawyer driven process

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Keeping up to date with legal developments takes a lot of time

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Integrating legal pages in your site is a developer project

Do I need to put legal pages online? The short answer: yes, and it can't wait.

Don't worry! LegalSite is here to help you get it done in minutes.

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Your legal pages done with just a few clicks

LegalSite provides professional templates continuously updated by our team of legal experts. Easy to understand for your users and presented in a pleasant readable format. Customize them where needed and you’re done!

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Image: Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy is required by law if you collect any kind of personal user information. Publish a privacy policy so your users understand why and how you are collecting their information.

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Terms & Conditions

Immediately protected using the sensible defaults in our templates. Everything continuously updated by a team of legal experts from around the world using the latest legal insights.

Use our editor to customize your terms, download, share or ask for a lawyer (coming soon) to review it.

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Other documents

Add other legal pages to your site such as Terms of Service, Terms of Use, Disclaimer, Cookie Policies/Cookie Warning, Copyright Notice & Policies, Return & Refund Policy, EULA.

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How it works?

Customize Terms

Skip a lengthy and expensive process of creating custom legal pages or figuring out privacy regulations yourself. Use our template editor to customize your terms, download, share or ask for a lawyer (coming soon) to review it.

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Change Branding

Your legal pages hosted on your custom domain, adapted to your branding. All of your legal pages, cookie pop-ups and e-mails will have a consistent look.

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Get your LegalSite up-and-running in minutes. You’ll have your website compliant, protected and customized with your own brand visuals.

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The complete legal toolkit for internet business

Easy and fast

Our intuitive web app makes it easy to customize, publish all your legal pages, make changes and become privacy compliant.

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Always up-to-date

Global laws and jurisprudence change on a daily basis. That’s why our templates are continuously reviewed and updated by experts in order to provide you with the best possible defaults for your legal documents and compliance procedures.

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All in one solution

We take 'user friendly' very serious. LegalSite includes all procedures, logs and transactional messaging required. This saves you thousands of hours every year.

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No coding needed

Since all websites are subject to privacy regulations, it’s important that the tools are low barrier. No coding is required to have a fully functioning GDPR/CCPA ready privacy organization.

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Startup Launch legal Checklist

Getting ready to launch a startup? Make sure you are compliant with privacy laws by checking out our checklist.

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