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Your client uses LegalSite and has invited you to create an account, since you were appointed as their Data Processor. Accept the invitation so you can create your LegalSite account and respond to your data controllers and data subjects requests.

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Privacy compliance made easy

LegalSite provides you all the tools you need to process data requests at scale efficiently.

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A centralised overview of all your legal and privacy related operations and their related timelines. Make sure you avoid fines!

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Integrate Easily

LegalSite works with many existing platforms and tools. This makes it easy to monitor compliance accross all systems.

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No coding required

Since all websites are subject to privacy regulations, it’s important that tools are low barrier. No coding is required to have a fully functioning GDPR ready privacy organization.

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Handle complex requests with simple tasks

If you process personal identifiable information (e.g. email, name), then Data Subjects have the right to send you requests such as data access, data erasure and data transfer. It’s overwhelming manually tracking and managing privacy data across all places where it is stored. If you process personal data for other companies you are a Data Processor, which means you also need to solve requests made by Data Controllers. All this it’s easy to solve with LegalSite.


We provide an extensive library of integrations with popular tools so you can easily move your data in and keep it in sync with LegalSite. That means you can use your LegalSite to automatically process any requests.

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Easily receive and solve all requests in your Inbox. Data Subjects can send you requests through your LegalSite and Data Controllers can send you requests throught the app.

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Data Controllers will receive files automatically on their inbox and Data Subjects will receive an e-mail with a link to download the files.

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