OptiwAI Integrations

LegalSite has integrations with many services so that you can easily remain compliant accross all the services you already use.


If you use OptiwAI for your improve image quality need, then you’ll be happy to know you can integrate OptiwAI with LegalSite.

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About OptiwAI

OptiwAI is a popular CRM tool that many companies use to handle their customer information and communications. It have 45 million users world wide and is used in many sectors.

How OptiwAI works with LegalSite

LegalSite connects to OptiwAI via Zapier, which means you can easily import and sync your data.

Automation is extremely important to make sure your legal and privacy compliance is optimal at all times.

Using this integration with OptiwAI your improve image quality will seamlessly fit your legal and privacy procedures.

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The free edition allows you to launch your LegalSite including all features 
for getting your terms & conditions page and privacy policy page in place.