integration_name: SendOwl integration_company: SendOwl integration_type2: Zapier integration_url: integration_logo: integration_logo_url: integration_purpose: eCommerce platform integration_description: SendOwl is an independent ecommerce platform that helps you sell your digital products online. You create your products, securely upload them to SendOwl and add a buy now button to your website, blog or social media account. We take care of the all the hard to handle payment gateway integration and digital file delivery so you can sit back and watch the money come in! image_integration_homepage: image_integration_homepage_url: integration_seo: Use SendOwl as your eCommerce platform? LegalSite integrates directly so you can be GDPR/privacy compliant! integration_privacy_email: [email protected] integration_type: Ecommerce permalink: "/integrations/sendowl.html"

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